People are always a bit surprised when I check the time and they see that I don't use a smart watch. Sure, I've tried to use smartwatches in the past, but have always come back to the "dumbwatches." The Casio DW-6900 G-Shock watch has been one of a few "go-to" watches in my everyday carry.

The Casio DW-6900 G-Shock watch is the next generation of the DW-6600 that was one of the watches that was issued to special forces in the 80's.

For me, having sadly never served, it's more of a timepiece that I can rely upon 100% and never have to worry about. The smartwatch had to be charged every day, and I hated that. The DW-6900 will last me at least two years on a single battery. For the most part, it does everything that I need it to do:

  • Tell the time
  • Stopwatch and Count Down Timer Functions
  • Alarm Considering that I'm a desk jockey during my days and a dad and husband on nights and weekends, the ruggedness of this G-Shock is probably overkill. The thing is that I had the GL-121 that had moon phases and tide information that I picked up in 2012. It finally met it's demise on an extremely cold day in January, 2019 when I banged the face against the corner of my car door.

When it broke, I didn't have a lot of extra cash to get another one, but almost a year of saving change, extra dollars here and there, and a lot of patience, I got the DW-6900 as a replacement.

While the 6900 meets all of my needs, as mentioned above, I can't really fathom why it doesn't have dual-time. I really like that feature, and find it very useful as all the servers I work on for my IT job use UTC.

In all, it's a decent replacement watch, and for the $59.00 I paid for it, I really can't complain about anything substantial.

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